DESIGN FOR THE MIND. Do you need a website, logo, or help with the daunting task of social media and newsletters? With over 15 years of experience in Photoshop and extensive design work in graphics (fliers / brochures), websites, and architectural rendering, I can create your look efficiently and at a fair rate to help expose you to the masses. Putting your idea or business into perspective graphically, launching a website, or navigating social media for you will never be easier. Skills & Resume or Marketing Portfolio: Past Work and Info.

DESIGN FOR THE SOUL. I have been passionate about artwork my whole life but took my experience to digital art and have really enjoyed manipulating photos and textures to re-create the characters and scenes that inspire me. I’m definitely influenced by meditation, mythology,  deities, and imagery that has an other-worldly nature and eludes to the realms of dreams and the mystical. This has been a year of focusing on very symbolic elements that attempt to bypass the character and speak directly to the core of the Soul.


OUTREACH. PriZEN is an outreach rehabilitation program for prisoners at the Goochland Correctional Facility in Goochland Virginia. We teach Buddhism, Yoga, and Meditation classes for Female prisoners. The classes have been highly successful as a means for the women to regain their power, confidence, and ability to learn to bring awareness to every situation be it stressful or peaceful.  If you are interested in donating materials such as mala beads, blank journals, yoga mats, books or DVD’s on Buddhism, Zen, Meditation, or if you are a practitioner that would like to volunteer your time, please visit or  email us.


Non Profit Support. CMFTP offers traditional martial arts to eligible members of the Charlottesville, Va area regardless of ability to pay. Although we welcome and encourage all members of the community to consider our Taekwon-do program we especially would like to include disenfranchised families, children involved in delinquency cases or abuse/neglect proceedings, & children with behavioral and/or academic issues. Visit the Website | Email us